Please find information on fees below. This is intended as a guide only. When you book a consultation at Noah's Ark you will have the opportunity to discuss your treatment options. You will always receive a fully itemised treatment plan which we will agree with you before commencing treatment

Private Fees

New Patient Consultation: £75.00 Bruxism Splints from £100.00
Routine Check-Up £41.00 Invisalign from £4000.00
Hygienist Visit (Scale and Polish) from £52.00 Mouth Guards from £50.00
Large X-ray £35.00 Implants from £2090.00
Bite Wing X-rays £22.00 Veneers £495.00
Small X-rays £15.00 Crowns:
Fillings from £108.00 Porcelain bonded from £425.00
Anterior Root Canal Fillings from £315.00 Metal Free from £450.00
Posterior Root Fillings from £375.00 Gold from £500.00
Bridge Work – per unit  from £450.00
Tooth Whitening £295.00 Cobalt Chrome Denture £750.00
Routine Extractions £105.00 Acrylic Denture £500.00


we have a range of denplan plans available to suit your needs

Spread the cost of your dental treatment over the year in manageable monthly direct debit payments

Fee Guide 2019
Treatment Private Fee Denplan Essentials Denplan Care
Routine Examination £41.00 Included Included
Routine X-Ray £13.00 Included Included
Hygiene Appointment £52.00 Included Included
Fillings From £108.00 10% Discount Included
Root Fillings From £315.00 10% Discount Included
Crowns From £425.00 10% Discount Lab Fee Payable
Bridge Work - per unit From £450.00 10% Discount Lab Fee Payable
Dentures From £500.00 10% Discount Lab Fee Payable
Denplan Essentials Fees 2019
A £8.00 1 Exam & 1 Hygiene Visit, Routine X-Rays 10% 0ff Private Fee
B £12.33 1 Exam & 2 Hygiene Visits, Routine X-Rays 10% 0ff Private Fee
C £15.75 2 Exams & 1 Hygiene Visit, Routine X-Rays 10% 0ff Private Fee
D £24.41 2 Exams & 2 Hygiene Visits, Routine X-Rays 10% 0ff Private Fee
Denplan Care Fees 2019
Category A B C D E
Monthly Cost £18.70 £22.55 £30.25 £42.10 £50.90

Both Denplan Care & Denplan Essentials include Worldwide Dental Injury and Dental Emergency Cover (Supplementary Insurance) as well as access to Denplan’s 24-Hour Worldwide Dental Emergency Helpline.

You can find our more about the plan in your membership application booklet or by visit the Denplan website.


Are you considering cosmetic, orthodontic or dental implant work but worried about the cost?

We can offer interest-free or low cost payment plans to fund your dental treatment.

For anyone considering using our interest-free or low cost loan facilities to fund their private dental treatment, the benefits are clear:

  • Get the treatment and smile you always wanted
  • Spread the cost of treatment over a suitable period
  • Interest-free and low cost loans can be a much more affordable alternative to credit cards or bank loans
  • Easy to apply and simple to repay by Direct Debit
  • Finance is provided by leading credit suppliers
To find out how you could benefit from this easy, affordable way to pay for the dental treatment you want, speak to your dentist or ask at reception.

NHS Treatment

We are not currently accepting new NHS patients but there is a waiting list. If you wish to be added to our waiting list please telephone the Dental Helpline on 0333 006 3300 and specify Noah’s Ark.

If you normally pay for NHS dental treatment there are three standard charges. The amount you pay depends on the treatment you need:

Band 1: £22.70 includes an examination, diagnosis and advice. If necessary, it also includes x-rays, a scale and polish and planning for further treatment.
Band 2: £62.10 includes all treatment covered by band 1, plus additional treatment such as fillings, root canal treatments and extractions.
Band 3: £269.30 includes all treatment covered by bands 1 and 2 plus more complex procedures such as crowns, bridges and dentures.
For more information click here to see what is included in each charge band
If, within two months of completing a course of treatment, you need more treatment from the same charge band or a lower one, for example another filling, you don’t have to pay anything extra. After two months you will have to pay an additional charge band.

Click here for further information on NHS Dental Care